Refresh By G founder Georgina McGarry standing holding a Self Development Gift Box

The Refresh By G Story

Meet our founder Georgie and hear the Refresh By G story.

Refresh By G founder Georgina McGarry sitting on the floor with her first batch of Refresh By G gift boxes

Meet The Founder

Hey! I’m Georgie, founder of Refresh By G.

My absolute passion is helping to spread love and joy as far and wide as possible.

I'm also super passionate about helping to inspire and motivate others to take action and feel empowered to put their best foot forward.

These burning passions are the whole reason I started Refresh By G (see our story below).

I truly believe that we all have the power and capability to do anything we set our minds to. The problem is that our minds try and stop us. This is where our Self Development gift boxes come in to help you stay focused and determined. Whatever journey you’re currently on, these boxes are here to serve you and give you the best chance of success!

You’ve got this!

Ladies Self Development Gift Box with personalised journal, empowerment cards and 'The little book of mindfulness' book.

How It All Started

The truth is I never intended to build a full scale Gift Box business.

Aside from running Refresh By G, I'm also an ICF accredited Coach helping others to put action plans in place to achieve their goals. Our debut box (The Self Development Gift Box) was originally a welcome kit for my coaching clients. A big issue I found when doing anything Self Development related was it was difficult to get into 'the zone'. The environment that we are surrounded by plays a huge role and can literally be the difference between starting and finishing something… or starting and giving up. The Self Development Gift Box was designed to address this. I filled it with treats and practical goodies to help set the environment to give my clients the best chance of success.

They were a hit! My clients loved them. But more importantly, I got to see firsthand how much impact the boxes were having. From here, Refresh By G was born 🐣

Initially focusing solely on the Self Development Gift Boxes, we have since expanded and grown more than I ever predicted. We now have boxes ranging from ‘The Original’ Self Development gift box; to boxes targeted for more personal goals such as building confidence. And of course, there's our wide range of special occasion gift boxes which are just perfect for someone who deserves a well-earned refresh!

Happy Birthday Self Care Gift Box with Freida McFadden Book - Refresh By G
Positive Habits Development Kit with Dr Michael Mosley Book - Refresh By G
The Confidence Boost Self Development Kit with Jen Sincero Book - Refresh By G
Ladies Christmas Refresh By G Gift Box with seasonal chocolate, Santa Clause socks and James Patterson book

What type of Gift Boxes are there?

Since our inception, we have grown and expanded more than we ever thought possible. We are designing new boxes all the time with different themes in mind. Watch this space!

Some of our customer favourites are:

  • Self Development Kits
  • Confidence Kits
  • Happy Birthday Gift Boxes
  • Seasonal Gift Boxes

Click here to view our full range.

We also have our Build Your Own Box service which allows you to design the perfect gift from scratch so you can add your own personal touch.

What does Georgie recommend?

  • Front angle of 'The Original' Ladies Self Development Gift Box - Refresh By G

    For someone going through something big or who loves all things self development...

    The Original’ Self Development Gift Box!

    It has journals, affirmations and a self-help book to get you started. Plus some candles and tea bags to help set a calming environment to get you in the zone.

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  • The Confidence Boost Self Development Kit with Jen Sincero Book - Refresh By G

    For someone doubting themselves and wants to trust their intuition...

    The ‘Confidence’ Box!

    It contains a self-help book all about kicking doubt to the curb and a journal so you can start writing down those confidence-boosting affirmations! I also love that it has a pillow spray that can help you sleep, because let’s face it anxiety and worry can be increased when we haven’t had enough sleep!

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  • Ladies 'Me Time' Self Care Gift Box with Emily Henry Book - Refresh By G

    For someone who simply deserves a well earned refresh and a gift filled with goodies...

    The ‘Me Time’ Gift Box!

    We all need a refresh now and again, right? This box is the perfect solution. The face and eye masks are my favourite in this kit because it reminds you to relax and give yourself a little pamper time that all too often we forget to do.

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